"I appreciated the opportunity to play with HYPE Hoops this past spring season. I really enjoyed getting to know the players I would normally play against in high school, and I really enjoyed being able to improve my playmaking among many other skills. It also helped me stay in shape during the off-season."

- Natalie Julien, 2023 LEGEND

"This season was amazing! We not only grew as capable individuals but as a team. Everyone improved because of the great coaching and the time and effort Legends basketball invested in us. We learned the game of basketball and how to be good teammates, excellent friends, good sportsmen, and even better people. Legends basketball provided an excellent experience when we have been deprived of our last couple of seasons [due to Covid]." 

- Izzy Prete, 2022 LEGEND

"Coach Mills has coached me for 2 seasons, one of which being with Legends Athletics. Not only does this program and coaching improve your skills, but it also provides you with a positive mindset and improved basketball IQ. Some of my greatest improvements are in my shooting, ball handling, and mental resetting." 

- Madison Mimnagh, 2022 LEGEND

"Legends Club is my second season with Coach Mills. This program focuses on the development of the athletes rather than just winning, as well as increasing your basketball knowledge on and off the court. With Legends basketball, you learn that you don’t have to be the best in the league to continue to improve and have fun while playing basketball at a high level." 

- Soobin Yang, 2022 LEGEND