HYPE Hoops and Athletics is proud to offer competitive team options for Alberta youth basketball through our Legends cub teams. The goal of HYPE Legends is to provide an opportunity for high-caliber players in Red Deer and the surrounding area to compete at a high level in the basketball off-season. Coaches in the HYPE Legends program hold players to high standards when it comes to training and competing.

"Why should I choose the HYPE Hoops Legends over

other basketball clubs in town?"

Let us give you a few reasons...

  • Advanced skill development and implementation

  • Functional fitness training

  • Mental skills - know HOW and WHY we run the drills and plays

  • Psychological training to help you overcome mental barriers to success

  • Train to compete: Learn what it takes to win

  • Constant check-ins and reminders about emotional barriers to success

  • More gym time with competitive costs compared to other programs (typically 1 game, 2 practices per week)

  • 3-4 tournaments in our spring season

  • Easy access/contact with the coach when necessary

  • Fair playing time: it won't be equal, but every player will have a chance to contribute to our successes and failures in one capacity or another

Interested? Keep an eye on our REGISTRATION page,